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sculptures, jewelry, and small household objects out of found wood, metal, and stones.

Cathy Stryker makes ...

Moukaite and sterling brooch

Sterling and copper ear wings


Copper and wood box


"Pop t'art"...silver, wood, straight pin

"Drive"...found wood, copper, brass

"Silent Song"... fiddle bridge, sterling, iolite, garnet, amethyst, violincello string

Cathy lives and works in Asheville, NC.  She studied at NC State University, Bennington College, the Wiener Kunstlerische Volkshochschule, the Corcoran College of Art and Design, and in workshops with Jean Clerte, Howard Wexler, Michael Good, Joost During, and Jon Brooks.  She has lived in Vienna, Virginia, Harrison, New York, Raleigh, NC, Vienna, Austria, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, New Delhi, India, Barbados, and Rabat, Morocco.  She believes in exploration, kindness, and leaving a tiny footprint.  "Although I have not dedicated my life solely to art, I dedicate my art to life... every day."



Rick's piece... wood, quartz, brass, washer, nickel, suede